Domestic container shipping, cost consultation, door-to-door transportation - development of logistics shipping in the future

The employment prospects of domestic container shipping logistics technology are increasingly broad. Over the past 20 years, Chinese society has made great efforts to develop logistics and freight economy, which has profoundly affected the development direction of business practice, business development pattern and market economy pattern. With the continuous development of logistics and the deepening of globalization process, the global economy, trade, logistics and other tertiary industries have formed increasingly large economic scale and complex economic phenomena in the rapid growth of faster, stronger and more provincial. Nowadays, the logistics market in China has become an important market to drive the rapid growth of regional economy, and it is also the second largest express market in the world. In addition, logistics is also an industry increasingly valued by people.

The national loading and unloading rate of containers is one of the signs of the potential scale of the logistics market. The reserve scale of container economic warehouse will be further expanded, and the situation of "scattered, disordered and poor" of traditional containers will be improved. Logistics has entered the situation of "large, fast, accurate and excellent", with strong rigid demand for logistics container handling. The third-party logistics service center, based on the application scenario of express logistics containers, customer groups, big data, warehousing and sorting process and fixed point receiving capability, provides customers with more efficient express logistics containers and logistics fixed point sorting and transportation services such as transit/inward transfer+distribution; Provide nationwide distribution, professional express logistics container handling service+turnover distribution service, and realize the rapid deployment of customers' transit or inward transfer vehicles; The express logistics container+freight forwarding capacity can be customized according to the customer's needs and financial capacity.

Therefore, the development prospect of logistics is good, not only for sea transport but also for land transport. As for domestic trade sea transport logistics, the emergence of freight forwarding enterprises and the upgrading of containers are all aimed at promoting the development of sea transport logistics. Now, door-to-door transport saves most customers' money and trouble. Therefore, for sea transport, the future market development is commendable.