How to choose Australia's cross-border logistics, the first step of Australia's FBA

The Australian market in Oceania has a small population of only 25 million, but its per capita income is high, making it the second richest country in the world after Switzerland. In addition, as a highly developed country, Australia has a higher consumption possibility, which has great business opportunities. Australia is a native English speaking country, and the penetration rate of the Internet and smart phones is the third in the world. Australians spend an average of 10 hours on the Internet every day. About 90% of Australians are Internet users, and online shopping has a strong foundation and a large demand. In addition, more than 70% of consumers in this country often shop online, and the online shopping market has huge potential.

On July 13, Amazon Australia's Prime Day ended, which was Amazon's fifth Prime Day on the site. This year's sales performance shows that Amazon's influence in the Australian market is increasing. For Prime Day this year, Amazon provided more than 200 million products in Australia for the first time, which is a great advantage. The sales of groceries, health care, toys and electronic products are strong. Australia is a worthwhile e-commerce market for Chinese cross-border sellers. What are the options for Australian cross-border logistics? The cross-border logistics exported to Australia generally include international express delivery, air transportation, sea transportation and special line small bags.

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International express delivery includes DHL, Fedex, UPS and TNT express, and the recipient needs to assist in customs clearance. If the recipient is an Australian overseas warehouse or an Amazon warehouse, the recipient cannot cooperate in customs clearance, so international express delivery is generally suitable for commercial and private residential addresses. The price is the most expensive and the time limit is the fastest. It takes 5-7 days to sign in.

The air transport special line is a door-to-door service, which can be double tax payment or non tax payment, depending on the seller's choice. Air transport can take special products such as electrified belt magnets, pure batteries, balance cars, scooters, etc. For ordinary cargo, arrange mainland flights, and for special cargo products such as electrified magnets, arrange direct flights to Hong Kong. Both Amazon address and non Amazon address can be used for transportation. The price is cheaper than express delivery, and the time limit is 10-15 days.

The first voyage of Australian shipping is to arrange Star Express to arrive at the Australian port, pick up the goods to the service provider's Australian overseas warehouse after customs clearance. If the recipient is Amazon, the overseas warehouse needs to make an appointment with Amazon warehouse for warehousing time, and then send them to the warehouse by truck; If it is a commercial address or a private residential address, the goods will be delivered directly to the local express company in Australia. Australia adopts the pre customs clearance mode, so it is necessary to inform whether it is necessary to obtain a China Australia certificate before leaving the warehouse, otherwise, a secondary customs clearance fee will be incurred. Although the price of Australian shipping is the cheapest, the current shipping schedule is not stable, and the overall timeliness is not ideal. In addition, it is difficult to make an appointment for delivery from the FBA warehouse in Australia. The overall timeliness may take 45-60 days. If the FBA seller has requirements for timeliness, it is not recommended to choose the shipping channel.

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The service provider arranges air transportation to Australia for the first journey of the small package on the special line to Australia, and then sends it to Australia Post for scanning and delivery. It takes about 5-8 days to sign for the package, which is more suitable for cross-border sellers who deliver goods by themselves. Australia's special line packet is tax free. Australia stipulates that the declared value of goods below 1000 Australian dollars (each consignee) is tax free. If the value of goods exceeds 1000 Australian dollars and formal customs clearance is required, customs clearance fees, import duties and service taxes will be paid by the sender, and the actual amount will be reimbursed. Australia special line small package eyebrow domestic delivery track, Australian post office scanning updated online information, suitable for Australian virtual overseas warehouse customers.

Australia is a sparsely populated country with many uninhabited areas and deserts, so there will be many remote addresses. Before shipping, the seller should verify whether the address of the recipient is remote. If it is a remote area, the final delivery express will charge additional delivery fees, and the delivery time at the end of the remote address will also be several days slow.